The GT Package (A52) consisted of the following items.
- Reflective Strobe Stripe
- Hood Tape Treatment
- Dual Exhaust w/ Bright Exhaust Tips*
- Heavy Duty Suspension
- 440 Cubic Inch 4 bbl 350hp V8 Engine in 1970**
- 440 Cubic Inch 4 bbl 375hp V8 Engine in 1971
- H-70-15 White letter Goodyear Polyglas Tires
- Road Wheels
*No bright tips in '71
**390 HP 6bbl Engine Available in '70.
The Plymouth Division of the Chrysler Corporation built
the Plymouth Sport Fury GT for two years in 1970 & 1971.  
The Sport Fury GT was the top of the line Fury in these
two years.  In 1970 the "GT" was an option package (A52)
that was added to the Sport Fury.  In 1971 the GT became
a separate model.

As a member of Plymouth's "Rapid Transit System," The
Sport Fury GT was available with Plymouth's largest and
most powerful engines.  In 1970 the choices were the
350hp 4bbl or a 390hp 6bbl. In 1971 the Super Commando
375hp engine was the only option.